Sep 292012

Cosmo “25 Sex moves he wishes you’d do: We got men to give up the wickedly creative tricks they crave – and they did not hold back.” p196, Sept 2012.

Every guy is different, so I’m sure that some dude out there is dying for something listed in this article to happen to him. My reaction, and the guys I’ve talked to, is as follows:

Category Cosmo idea Real guys react
The Good “When I’m going down on you, put one hand on the back of my head…” This is important. Every girl has her own preferences down there, so it’s great to have your girl get into it, and give some guidance (literally) on how much pressure she likes. Use my head like a joystick – I don’t give a damn.
The Bad “A twist on washing-machine sex… (girl on top). That way I get to experience the vibrations too.” This is a clumsy and frustrating maneuver. Just stick with what works. If your guy is into vibrations on the butt, I’m sure there’s better options out there.
“Cosmo is clearly saying this to fuck with you” “Touch me in 3 different places at once. Stroke my penis, grab my butt, and kiss my nipples. You’ll be like a one-woman threesome.” Do not do this. Guys will either laugh at you, or just patiently count the seconds until the silliness is over. This one might get told to our friends, in a bad way.