Dec 162011

Ooo. Hot.

A fetish can come in all shapes and sizes. I just avoided typing the word “fetishes”, because I don’t know if that’s gramatically correct. Ha. Grammatically is spelled wrong. Is that a fetish? Misspelling things?

Of all the fetish roles a woman can play in “the industry”, sleeping girl porn must be the easiest. Foot fetish is probably pretty cush too, when compared to some of the others available.

Would you like a cookie, son?

Think of the fetishes (I looked up how to spell that – avoiding it was getting tiresome) about which people are excited: leather, S&M, beastiality, uh… exhibitionist… food…

Fuck. I’m really vanilla. I bet any average Joe or Gina could rattle off 15 fetishes. I got… 5? Dammit!

Anyway – in “sleeping girl” porn, the girl just gets to lay there.

In “real” porn (I use the term loosely – ha), the girl tries to put on a show. “Ooo..  Ahhh… this is my first time – be gentle… Oh – I’m cumming…” blah blah blah. I’ve heard interviews with porn stars saying “it’s only a real orgasm like 10% of the time.” Know what? The actor doesn’t care, and the audience doesn’t care, the ‘gasms are fake, the boobs are fake, the tans are fake – nobody expects “real”. Everyone knows it’s a big show.

SO – back to sleeping girl porn. In THIS brand of porn, bad acting would be showing any interest in the scene. WOW. What a jackpot!

“Listen… for this scene, I’m going to need you to show ABSOLUTELY no interest in sex with this stranger. In fact, justkeep your eyes closed, and pretend you’re somewhere else. Totally asleep. The actor is going to be REALLY gentle, as if he doesn’t want to wake you up. HEY! Don’t give me any lip. If you even THINK about reacting, or showing pleasure – you’re off the set. And you won’t get the $300 we’re offering.”

Sooo… speaking of using terms loosely… “jackpot” is relative term here here. In comparison to 4 giant peckers swashbuckling at one girl’s 3 holes – this might be a ‘jackpot’. In relation to being homeless and starving – this might be ‘semi-jackpot’. In relation to being on the LPGA, making millions and munching a little bit of rug – being an ‘actress’ in sleeping girl porn would be the exact opposite of jackpot.

Just a thought.


OH! I remembered about scat/golden shower fetishes. I’m reminded of those, because they keep popping up while looking on the internet for good illustrations for this post. Ugh.