Jan 122012

Swat team at my place


Chris and Roy exploring Plan B, potato guns, NASCAR real stock car racing, Fraggle Rock, parents partying, small town law enforcement, inter-office mail order brides, doppelgang-bang, consolidating public services, shady roommate and the SWAT team, strippers making $1 bill deposits at atlantic city, and more.

Hope you enjoy! Tony

Editor’s pick:  Roy :”I don’t have time to tuck in these $1 – I got a guy for that.” (47:10)

Be a Life Long Learner:

In building your own potato gun/tee shirt launcher, be sure you use schedule 40 PVC. It’s pressure rated, so it’s less likely to explode into your face, or rip off your hand. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyaZipWVjrE)

Screen shot from a video posted on youtube by "jiro9cuts0001"

Dec 012011

Neil and Roy discuss when it’s OK to nail your childhood babysitter, what kids from high school become cops. We invent the porn tablet computer, Man School, Pimp my Bride. We end talking about how guys can fake orgasms, slurpies after little league, and getting traffic tickets. Hope you enjoy the show, and listen again next week for more fun.


Porn-specific browsers and the Porn Tablet were great ideas – starting at 23minutes.