Jan 222012

From "ASSeenOnTV.com"

“Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can’t look sharp! Put your best self out there and wear your PajamaJeans®!” -Henry David Thoreau, “Walden

Sometimes, life changes for the worse. Sometimes, for the better. And sometimes, life gives you something so amazing, you have a few seizures trying to wrap your head around the perfection of it all.

Here are the selling points for PajamaJeans®. WARNING: Do not read all of these selling points at one sitting, you WILL explode into pleasure-flames:

These are NOT pleasure-flames

  • Designer Look (see picture. no, the other picture)
  • Brass Rivets (a precious metal, particularly in a down economy)
  • European Styling (YES!!)
  • High Contrast Stitching (I… I just don’t know what this means. I’m sorry.)
  • DormiSoft™ Fabric (“Dormi” means “Sleep”. “Soft” means “Soft”)
  • Soft as Cotton (wait… the PajamaJeans® are MADE from cotton, right? Still.. I’m very impressed.)
  • No Zippers/Buttons (HOW DOES THIS WORK???)
  • Grey Crewneck Tee. You get an ENTIRE outfit! (what the what? this MUST be a marketing first. Why not just throw in the undies too?)

Too good to be true?  Probably so! But here’s some testimonials, VERBATIM from the site:

You’ll wonder how you can go back to wearing tight, or rough feeling jeans! By kakirita, from West Palm Beach, Fl. A “Budget Buyer”, with a 30min beauty routine:

What? Rough? You know… until now, I never knew my jeans were so unbearable. Thanks, PajamaJeans®!


Nobody has every picked up on the fact that they’re not real jeans, and I’ve actually had compliments on them. By Denim Diva, from Jacksonville, FL, a “Brand Buyer”, with a 30min beauty routine.

Of COURSE you’ve ACTUALLY had compliments on them – they are BETTER than ‘real’ jeans… they are PajamaJeans®! Thanks, PajamaJeans®!


these are so comfortable, totally in love with them. Wish they didnt cost as much as they do but they were worth it. By Jamie, from Lynchburg, Va, with a 10min beauty routine

I don’t know how much you typically spend on clothing, but $39.95 for PajamaJeans®, AND a grey crewneck shirt is a great price. Thanks, PajamaJeans®!


Come on, we need more colors ! I would own every color ! Even walked my dog in them ! This was a great Christmas gift! By Boni, from PA, a Budget Buyer, with a 30min beauty routine

Wow, Boni is excited!! I don’t know what “walked the dog” means, but I hope you washed those ‘jeans’ when you were done. Thanks, PajamaJeans®!


In summary, PajamaJeans® are amazing and wonderful.

  • If you haven’t burst into pleasure flames yet, why haven’t you bought some!
  • If you did buy some, why are you still reading – and not out being AWESOME and COMFORTABLE with your new, European styling????
  • And if you aren’t reading anymore, then..
  • you won’t see me picking my nose, with my fork.

Ciao, Tony