Oct 072012

Online slideshow from Cosmo on 9/24/2012 titled “Lingerie Men Love”.

This 25-piece showcase of lingerie was a mixed bag. Obviously, at the end of the evening, any of these would be well appreciated. However, some of these I’m going to get excited to see my girl in again. Others… I’m hoping they get lost somewhere under the bed. This would ensure the good ones make it back into the rotation faster.

The Lingerie The Description The reaction
Great, All-American lingerie
Rating: B+
  • This is good stuff.
  • This lingerie emphasizes the girl, not the clothing – no distractions.
  • A little bit see through, like the bow in front.
  • This is the kind of lingerie in which that would be great to watch you make your way around the bedroom.
50’s throwback granny-panties
Rating: D
  • The return of high-waisted garments makes guys panic.
  • Low-rise jeans were a 21st century evolution of awesomeness. Guys love hip bones and belly buttons. Don’t cover it up! High waist fashion just looks awkward.
  • I’m convinced clothing stores are trying to make high-rise stuff come back in style, to
  1. sell more merchandise (since girls just bought low rise clothes), and
  2. piss guys off
White, Lacy, Naughty-ness
Rating: A
  • Like the bra, but love these lacy leggings with garters.
  • Garters are flat-out hot. I wanna tear them off.
  • The white is hot too, because it ‘seems’ pure and makes you pump your brakes, but the overall sexiness makes you hit the gas pedal at the same time.
Timing Piece
Rating: C
  • Love the bra, hate the underwear.
  • If she gave me a strip tease, and she took her shirt off first, I’d be going out of my mind. “Love the red, and little bows, and low cut… YES!”
  • Then off comes her skirt, “YE… s? oh, those are… strangely high… Let’s get those off too, and maybe don’t put them back on. Ever.”
Girlie Dirty
Rating: A
  • Loving these.
  • A little see through, I like the frills. I’d love to kiss that bow.
  • These might get torn off – I’d happily spring for a few new pairs.