Dec 152011

The 'Mons Pubis' image from wikipedia. Seriously.

Roy, Kandie, and Griff talk about getting kicked out of bars, how fruit juices affect the taste of “people juices”, cialis’ing strangers at a bar, shorn genitals, laser hair removal, why everything feels better for a girl with a shaved vagina, stories about exs, hook ups with cougars, and the sexual appetite of red heads.  All this discussion while we were wine tasting.

If you don’t know what a Mons Pubis is – Wikipedia can help. I’ve always considered Wikipedia to be a rather restrained group. The attached picture is refreshingly close to pornography. “Mons” means ‘mountain’, so it’s like Pubic Mountain. HA!



Dec 122011

tony as a young tow-head

DJ discusses horse tattoos, deer and horse hook-ups, personal grooming, hair coloring, chili cook-off bands, short hair, sinead o’connor, and some dating tips. He called me a “toe-head”, and I thought that might be an insult. According to UrbanDictionary, a tow-head:

has flaxen-hair, blonde or lightly-colored hair, as “Tow” fibers are flaxen, light colored.

Hope you enjoy the show.



Oh yeah, here’s Sinead O’Connor withOUT hair. I couldn’t find anything of her in the younger years WITH hair.

Looking good with short hair

Dec 082011

Human Centipede TWO

Harry, KC, and Tony discuss funny spam, worst movies ever, Jerry Sandusky, Vander Weide drunk dialing a player, vodka tampons, predicting what a woman’s under-region will look like, and how we got a hold of our first porn.

Bob Vander Weide, CEO of the Orlando Magic, professionally harassing Dwight Howard…of the Orlando Magic.

Sandusky Grand Jury Testimony – Original text

Sandusky case – see the “timeline” for a good summary of events


Dec 012011

Neil and Roy discuss when it’s OK to nail your childhood babysitter, what kids from high school become cops. We invent the porn tablet computer, Man School, Pimp my Bride. We end talking about how guys can fake orgasms, slurpies after little league, and getting traffic tickets. Hope you enjoy the show, and listen again next week for more fun.


Porn-specific browsers and the Porn Tablet were great ideas – starting at 23minutes.

Nov 272011

Arnold, the early years

Tonight’s podcast with guests Neil, DJ, and KC features alien women, mandatory jobs for the 14-21 yo set, Popup Video for the porn industry, flavored birth control, voices in GPS navigation (if you choose Arnold’s voice, would it tell you to “get to the chopper” instead of “turn right”?), and more.

Please excuse the audio quality, we’re still working on balancing mics and removing background noise.

During our talk, there was dispute on:

a) does a female mantis eat its mate after intercourse?

Some evidence suggests “yes”: Mantis eating mate

b) what is referenced in the phrase ‘rabbit done died’?

Wikipedia says “”The test consisted of injecting the (potentially pregnant) woman’s urine into a female rabbit, then examining the rabbit’s ovaries a few days later”, which required killing the rabbit to see the ovaries – so ALL rabbits would die.

Hope you enjoy the show!


Nov 252011

Really short podcast tonight with Laser and Abe over the phone to discuss personal sponsorships and how blind people wipe. We had a bunch of audio problems because this was over Skype, but still had fun.

Enjoy! Tony