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Blog: The blog is a place to share absurd thoughts that haunt my brain. I also invite my guests to post here.

What you can expect on the blog: Perhaps an elaboration on a fleeting thought or a podcast topic. Perhaps a complaint about what Cosmo says about guys. Perhaps a full-on, manic tirade about how the world should change so it’s more like I want it to be.


Podcast: A weekly show where I bring funny people together to shoot the shit. NOT suitable for young audiences.
What you can expect on the podcast: Shows are ~45-90 minutes long. I try to showcase the brilliant ideas and creative thoughts that my guests have. I also force them say irreverent things, whenever possible – because I’m very, very, very easily bored by idle chit-chat. Maybe it should be called “shit chat”?

I hope you enjoy what you find here. If you do, please leave us a comment! If you don’t… press CONTROL+F4 or COMMAND+T… poof! Problem solved! The window disappears and you can stop being offended!

All my love and undying affection,




A few thoughts about irreverent ideas:

All the opinions expressed here at WhineSnob are shared in good fun. People can say their ideas here knowing no one will pass judgment. I hope listening and reading becomes a simple pleasure – providing you with new concepts about which to think and laugh.

If you are offended by ideas shared on Whine Snob, I invite you to keep listening or reading to fully understand me and my guests. When I hear something that irritates me, I am tempted to seek comfort and self-esteem by judging my own efforts as more noble. I hope you will be stronger than me. Evil, intolerant people aren’t invited on the show, because they are unpleasant to be around. Whine Snob guests are good people.  They are encouraged to say things that an extreme version of themselves would say, and to explore thoughts they would never normally entertain. If you still think we are misguided and ignorant after getting to “know” us, please share your produced work, or websites and literature which have shaped your opinion, and which may enlighten us as well.

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