Nov 042012

Ask him anything: Love advice from our guy guru, Ky Henderson (@kyhenderson)

p52, Cosmo, November 2012

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“When we first started dating, he cuddled after sex. Now he just goes to sleep. Why? Guys start out on their best behavior, but slip into normal routines. Spot on, Ky. I look forward to the time when it’s “OK” to just get some awesome sleep. Spooning it fraught with dangers – arm falling asleep, waking her up when you need to flop around, trying not to snore in her ear, not being a creepy douche for poking her with your morning wood when she’s trying to sleep.
“My fiancee balks when I bring up wedding planning. Is he having second thoughts?” He’s looking forward to the wedding, the honeymoon sex – just doesn’t want to deal with deciding on the flowers or cake. Make planning fun. It’s a stupid guy joke to say something like “yup, I planned the proposal. The rest is up to her.” And the men in attendance will slap each other on the back. If it were up to the guy, the wedding would be the same as the honeymoon – just the guy and the girl. At the same time, we’d heard how important this wedding day is. We don’t want to screw your day up with our dumb guy opinions. We just want you to be happy.