Oct 212012

What guys notice first: p38 Cosmo, October 2012

“Josh Bowman (@OfficialBowman) pinpoints qualities that men dig in a girl.”

This was OK, but I thought the last two were excellent insights into the male mind.

Quality Josh digs Why Reaction
1. Glancing his way “If she makes eye contact, it’s sexy” Yeah, this is fine. It basically lets us know you’re interested to some degree. This helps shy guys summon the courage to come over and talk.
2. Challenging him “…Stands up for what she believes” This is only good if it’s non-emotional. Tone is huge here, just stating your opinion and not lingering on the topic is a very good thing. “Principled” is good. “Bitchy” is bad. This goes for guys too, right? A guy going ballistic is un-good.
3. Flaunting your bod “Show a little skin… but keep a guy guessing” Guessing? Good news, girls – you can relax. Guys do NOT guess. Guys know what we like, and if we recognize it in sweatpants, a skirt, or tight jeans. I’ve never heard a guy say “Until I got her clothes off, I had no idea what I was dealing with. I was totally surprised.”We will learn about your mood by how much skin is showing, but it won’t make us think you are more or less beautiful.
4. A bold laugh “It shows you are not afraid to joke and laugh at life, and you’re a free spirit.” Laughter is very, very good. Great call, Josh. When a girl is laughing, it’s a big reassurance to guys.¬†Bold/loud laughter doesn’t really have anything to do with it.Girl laughing = cloud nine.Girl not smiling = high maintenance, maybe she’s hard to please.
5. Perfect posture “Shows class and confidence. You want a girl who can carry herself.” Excellent observation! Josh really nailed this one.Good posture suggests confidence and class, but also suggests “good health”. No one looks attractive hunched over.Additionally, it makes your butt stick up, and lifts the chest. These are good things that show good health too – and I know girls who pay a lot of money for underwear that does the same thing.