Oct 182012

Date night dresses guys love –┬áp74 Cosmo, October 2012

“Men voted on outfits they’d want to see you in, and here are the winners (they even beat skinny jeans).”

This is another post in a series to dispute the things that Cosmo says that guys like, but aren’t really very accurate. This article is full of Cosmo crazy talk:

  1. Jeans are better than these dresses
  2. Shoes are listed here. Shoes are the 28th thing about you that guys notice. Wear the shoes to impress your girl friends, not a guy.
Dress Reaction
Cosmo guy says “A black dress is always hot, and the cutouts tell me she’s confident.”Black dresses are very good, and this is a cool looking dress, but I can’t imagine a girl wearing it until date 4. It would be tough to pull off.It’s pretty formal, and you’d have to be crazy hot to pull it off. Stick with the jeans!
Cosmo guy says “This doesn’t look like she’s trying too hard. It’s cute and it’s laid back.The name of this dress from the store is “Ditsy Reader Print Dress w/ Belt”. What kind of name is that?!?This dress is fine. A bit frumpy. Reminds me of a higher cut of my 58yo high school math teacher’s normal wear.

Jeans, please!

Cosmo guy says “Red is sexy and ballsy. It makes me think she’s the spontaneous type.This is a pretty cool dress. Red is hot, for sure. It’s also seems like she’s trying really hard, or maybe she’s fancy and hard to please. Jeans!