Oct 112012

Love advice from guy guru, Ky Henderson (@kyhenderson). p38 Cosmo, October 2012

Question Ky’s answer Real guy’s reaction
“I hate seeing my tummy when I’m on top. Doesn’t he notice it?” He’s mainly noticing your boobs. Also, he’s looking at your face as you climax, you moving up and down on his penis, etc. He’s not noticing your tummy. Ky’s pretty much right. If you have a tummy, we’ve already noticed it, and we’re good with it. The thing we are noticing in bed, is “how awesome/fun/exciting is this sex going to be?”
“I went home with a guy I met at a party. We’re texting, but he’s not asking me out.” He may not think of you as relationship material… his feelings could grow and he’ll want to date you, but it’s unlikely. Text him “I’d really like to hang out sometime… If you’re not into it, I understand, but then I’m going to move on.” This is true. Dating is possible, but unlikely. I like his text suggestion – it’s the opposite of clingy. Non-clingyness is very attractive.
“My fiance calls his family about work promotions before me. Is it fair to demand he give me the big news first?” He’s used to going to them first. It’s fair to ask him to tell you first, but you have to be careful. First, let him know he’s the #1 in your life, and share things with him first, and then let him know you’re calling your family. Then, try “I feel silly, but it would mean so much if I was the first person you came to with major news. It would make me feel like we’re a family now too. I’d advise against this for most people. Asking (demanding??) someone to re-prioritize who they confide in could be considered invasive, and might set things back. Keep sharing YOUR life decisions, be patient, and things may or may not turn around. Find ways to love and accept him anyway. You don’t have to fulfill his every need in order for him to love you.