Sep 232012

I’m thinking the Girlfax mascot would be a cat, right?

If you’ve seen the Carfox mascot from Carfax commercials, you automatically hated it. However, the service offered by Carfax seems relatively valuable. It keeps sellers accountable, and it’s great to know the history and what to expect for the future, before entering in to a contract to own a vehicle.

What I could use is a Girlfax report for girls I’m dating, and I’m sure girls would pay twice as much as I would for this service, to get some information about guys.

This report would give some details about the following, based on reviews from previous partners:

  • Has there been any emotional frame damage which has been unsuccessfully addressed
  • Have previous owners needed to perform extensive maintenance to keep things running smoothly
  • Does the title come free and clear, with no outstanding claims to the rights
  • Have there been a history of extreme conditions which might cause eventual reliability issues
  • Has the ‘motor’ been well taken care of with routine maintenance

Ironically, I’d pay extra for a vehicle actually used in films I watch. A Girlfax report citing a long list of films I’ve seen that she’s been in would be… not a selling point.

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