Jan 172012

The standard definition of a "dominant person's" handshake

I have a theory about handshakes that I’m in the process of testing out. My research methods are pretty slack, but I’m still finding some correlation between the ROTATION of the handshake and the person’s attitude.

I don’t propose that the other handshake analyses are invalid or inaccurate, but I think my look at ‘rotation’ gives some new data to consider. Additionally, people have had time to adapt to existing theories; wimpy people artificially try to make a firm handshake, hoping to look more confident. Shifty people try to hold eye-contact longer to trick people into trusting them. My theory is totally new, people have not heard of it and can’t adapt to the system yet.


Image of handshake My description of what’s happening

The Neutral Grip

The Neutral Grip handshake.

The palm is not rotated up or down, but it’s at 0*.

My hypothesis is that this handshake belongs to someone who is middle of the road in terms of trying to support and trying to lead.


The Closed Grip Handshake.

The girl is exhibiting the Closed Grip, with her palm rotated down.

My hypothesis is that this grip belongs to someone who is looking to run the show, and want to make sure things get done the way they think is best.


The Open Grip Handshake.

The palm is rotated to be slightly upturned.

My hypothesis is that this handshake belongs someone who is accommodating, and seeks to serve others and put people at ease.

My reaction to these grips? During handshakes, I force everyone to a neutral grip.

Why? I’m an asshole, and I want people to feel uncomfortable. I want to shake the confidence of a leader, and I want to make a follower feel like they are going to need to stick out their neck, thereby getting really nervous.

The effect? None. It’s just a handshake. Nothing changes, until I start humping someone’s leg. Then, they think I’m trying to be pack leader.