Jan 152012

I’m struggling with the following concept:

“It’s OK to kill someone, but it’s morally reprehensible to pee* on them.”

I understand that people die during warfare. Most American’s would be willing shoot someone if the US was being invaded. You could make the case that the US troops are being told to invade other countries, but I digress.

What I can’t quite follow, is that people who watch the tape of marine’s “peeing” on the bodies of dead Taliban members and are angry about the second act, and not the first.¬†We fast-forward past the killing people part – and I don’t see how this is possible. In the scope of things, I think a man’s child would prefer his father getting peed on, over him getting shot in the chest.

In fact, some people have a fetish with getting peed on, and pay good money for a golden shower, or ‘water sports’.

What if these guys had yelled racial slurs at the dead bodies instead? We’re losing sight of the real horrors of war. Terrible wounds, death, destruction. Let’s list those bad parts of war BEFORE watching this tape, and see where urination falls.

*Side note – I looked for a urine stream and soaked clothes in the video, but I didn’t see any. Sure, the intent was there, but I don’t think these guys actually pulled off the act. That would suck to have your entire life and reputation ruined for an act you weren’t even able to make happen. I mean, getting shot in the chest would suck MORE, but still. It would be bad.


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