Jan 112012

I’m losing my hair. I’ve always had a very imposing forehead – large and square. However, as my hair recedes, my forehead is something more than imposing. It’s becoming insistent and pushy. Sometime it’s even demanding. “Look at me, look at me!” My forehead is now a diva.

The hair loss hasn’t really bothered me (then why are you writing about it?). It has been a slow, predictable process. The hair is evacuating the premise in an orderly fashion, not in strange patterns.

Additionally, my hair kinda sucks. Some people have had a successful relationship with hair. They are sorry to see it go. Maybe they have a hair style that relies on having hair. Maybe they have nice hair. My hair has been a hot, bitchy, high-maintenance girlfriend. There were some fun times, but I don’t think I’ll miss it. Why?

scissors with teeth

My hair is defiant.It is thick, but not in a good way.It’s like a lawn of crabgrass – coarse and unruly.My barber uses scissors that cut out like 20% of the hair, in an effort to make it seem less like a helmet.

After cutting hair with that thing, some hair grows straight out because it’s much shorter.

I don't tan well

When my hair gets longer than 1/2″, I start up the nervous habit of pulling my hair out.I keep it very short for this reasons.

The pulling habit doesn’t bother me, but it’s constant, unconscious, therefore uncontrollable.

Nothing but short hair is an option.

Trichotillomania, anyone?

Me (12yo). Come and get some, girls.

A cowlick is hair that grows in an uncontrollable spiral. Most people have one or even two.I have FOUR cowlicks.

It makes my hair MORE angry, and MORE defiant.

These cowlicks are: front left and front right of forehead, and on either side of the crown of my head. The picture at left shows 1 of my 4 cowlicks. And a mutant number of bunny ears. And a charming smile. And devastating fashion sense.


I find myself in a new realm. Perhaps some of the reasons my hair sucked before, will now be solved by balding!

  • all 4 cowlicks are balding away
  • my hair is still wirey, BUT it’s thinning. no more teeth scissors?
  • I’m a grown-ass man, and maybe I’ll be too lazy to fk with my hair anymore.

Maybe I have only normal hair left? Between my balding and laziness, I seen a real opportunity here.

One last time, I’m going to let my hair grow for a while. The idea is to experience what people with rational hair experience, before I go totally bald.

Hands? Are you listening? Don’t ruin this for me! I will punch you in your FACE if you start pulling my hair out!

Wish me luck,



Be a life-long learner:

The head of a Tricho-tillo-maniac

trichotillomania – sufferers experience the urge to pull their hair when depressed or nervous. Indulging in this impulse results in a temporary feeling of relief. If this urge is compulsive (things won’t be OK until they pull), trichotillomania is considered to be on the OCD spectrum, and potentially related to similar issues with nail biting (Onychophagia), or biting the skin around the fingernails (Dermatophagia).

A different scenario of trichotillomania occurs when sufferers pull their hair automatically, and don’t realize they are doing it until it’s already happening.
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